Bitcoin Now Welcome at Bovada Casino

Bitcoin is a digital currency, meaning it is electronic cash that is operated independently of a central bank. You can use bitcoin for most transactions now and the true benefits are that it can be transferred securely, quickly and safely by anyone worldwide. Bitcoin has gained a reputation as an extremely safe technology with a strong record for security and privacy. Many people prefer this transaction method as you don't have to disclose any of your personal or private information when making a transaction.

Bovada Casino has now started accepting bitcoin for their financial transactions in an attempt to keep up with player demands. Making a bitcoin deposit at Bovada Casino is very easy to do. The first thing you have to do to start using bitcoin is get a wallet and there are several options of varying levels of security strength. Once you've chosen your wallet, getting Bitcoins is easy. Bitcoin funds are usually available within a minute of making the transaction. In the rare instance, it could take up to 15 minutes. Bovada does not charge any regular fees when Bitcoin payments are processed.

New "fork", or change to bitcoin's software, proposed called Segwit2x was set to take place on November 16, 2017. Their purpose was to speed up bitcoin payments over the block chain network. This created a lot of controversy and not all in the bitcoin community agreed with the changes. It was an announcement that many were pleased with when the planned Segwit2x hard fork was being cancelled due to lack of support from the greater Bitcoin community.

The result since the announcement has been a stiff rise in the volume of BCH transactions, which has boosted the value of BCH itself, while the 'classic' Bitcoin BTC has seen its value fall. BCH, the only true version that carries out the bitcoin originator, Satoshi Nakamoto's vision. Bitcoin Core uses high fees and lengthy processing delays - in order to maintain control over the technology.

Many bitcoin followers found it very interesting when a Reddit user posted what he claimed were leaked emails between Blockstream and its investors from earlier this year. The emails clearly suggested that Blockstream's ultimate goal was to ensure that Bitcoin transaction processing fees went to "peer-to-peer liquidity providers, and not miners." The emails have not been confirmed but if, they are in fact, accurate, it will prove what many already believed that Blockstream's thinly disguised motivation in pushing the Segwit product was intentional in an attempt to exert proprietary control over the technology.