DuckDice Casino

The DuckDice Casino is not like a regular online casino. At this total cryptocurrency casino, players become ducks and are welcomed to the casino as a duck joining part of the duck community where they can enjoy duck rewards and take part in duck games. DuckDice Casino only accepts cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash coin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash coin. There are no specific sign up bonuses but a whole host of rewards and contests that players can enter. Support is available around the clock and ducks can become affiliates, bringing in more ducks to join the casino and receiving more rewards. The casino is available instantly online with no download necessary. All of the games can be played in fun mode but as players will soon learn, it is the real money mode that makes the games.

Introduction and Explanations

As soon as the player has registered at the casino, he is able to start enjoying the games, in theory. But for new players it is a good idea to follow the 10-step online tutor that advises players on how to play the different games, get the most out of the casino and understand the layout of the casino. Although this is a very user-friendly interface, the tutorial is very important for players who are not familiar with the DuckDice brand. This not like a regular casino in that no welcome bonuses are given but there are many different bonuses and rewards that players can enjoy together with special contests that they take part in which awards them free spins and cash in the form of Bitcoins or one of the other cryptocurrencies that are offered at the casino. The layout of the casino gives players a section on games, one on the statistics of the player where he can see his standing at the casino and according to the games he has played. There is a section for switching currencies, all of the currencies offered are cryptocurrencies. There is a section for flash bets where the player can place as many bets as he wants in one click and then there is the section of the forum where the player can receive help and advice and even set up his own affiliate option. The bonuses are detailed in their own section too where players can choose which bonus to take and how to trigger it.

Bonuses and Rewards

The DuckDice Casino does not offer a direct welcome bonus offer but it does offer a number of special rewards and promotions that trigger bonuses. One of the favorites of the cryptocurrency casinos that is also offered at the DuckDice casino is the Bitcoin faucet. This gives away small amounts of Bitcoins after the player has played a simple game of Tic-tac-toe, the amount given is based on whether the player beats an opponent, draws or loses. Airdrops are also given at the casino giving the player small satoshis or Bitcoins at different times. A duck hunt can reward the player with special payouts and there is even a DuckDice game where the player can guess a random number and earn money for doing so. The bonuses vary from day to day and most involve some kind of competition that the player needs to take part in before he can claim a bonus reward. The casino also offers a lottery every day of the week at 15.00. The top five ducks that match up numbers are rewarded with 50% of the lottery amount, the next four ducks that match up receive 30% of the lottery reward and the next three ducks receive the last 20% of the lottery reward.

Games at the DuckDice Casino

The DuckDice Casino is all about the dice game and this is all that the player must enjoy at the casino apart from the many special offers and rewards and lotteries. The player places his bet on the screen and then rolls the dice. There are four positions on the board and the player can opt to try and get numbers below 5000 or numbers above 5000. Based on his results, the player is paid rewards. If he has enough funds in his account, the player can also choose auto play that allows him to preset a number of bets at once. The game is controlled by a random number generator and proven to be fair.

Support and Deposit Options

Being a crypto currency casino, the DuckDice Casino offers a number of options for deposits using Cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Dash coin, dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash coin. Every transaction is totally secure and fully encrypted giving the player direct and instant access to his funds using the most secure and trusted online payment option today. And online, players can switch between the different cryptocurrencies if they prefer to place bets in one over another. Support is available around the clock at the casino through direct chats online in the live chat option and also by calling the toll-free phone number that is provided. Players can also discuss the DuckDice Casino with other players in the casino forum and if they want can also set up an affiliate website that leads directly to the casino. Affiliates receive a percentage of the deposits made through their website. The DuckDice Casino is a new concept and one that is a delight to play at with its full-on support and plenty of bonus options that are offered.