Buffalo Bounty Slots

Buffalo Bounty Slots

Take a moment for yourself and check out the Buffalo Bounty Slots. This is a visually stunning slot game that offers tons and tons of wonderful benefits, from free spins to multipliers - it seems to have it all. It has been designed and developed by the wonderful DragonGaming software developers, so you can rest assured your standards are going to be met here. The reels are set in a stunning landscape full of tall mountains and pine trees, so if it's that breath of fresh air that you're looking for, then you're definitely going to find it here at the Buffalo Bounty Slots. If you're interested in finding out everything else that is on offer here, then be sure to keep on reading about it below.

Information regarding the Buffalo Bounty Slots

In the following paragraph we're going to be discussing the must know facts about the Buffalo Bounty Slots. The first thing to note is the theme, which is that of animals and the wild west. The RTP is also noteworthy, coming in at 95.43%. The RTP is a very important figure, no matter which video slot you're considering to play. The volatility of the slot comes in at medium, which is a wonderful figure to begin with.

There are 5 reels and 10 paylines to enjoy the use of in the Buffalo Bounty Slots, so if these are figures that you enjoy the sound of, then be sure to give them a go. As for the coin range, this begins from as little as 0.02, and has the ability to reach all of the way up to 9. These figures are pretty impressive because it results in so many different types of players being able to take part. The coins per line consist of a 1-1 ratio, which is also pretty pleasant.

The features present in the Buffalo Bounty Slots

The best features that you should check out include the free spins, wild symbols, multipliers, scatter symbols, and finally, wild symbols. All of these have the ability to offer some pretty spectacular opportunities, so be sure to give them a go today and see what you can get out of them - after all, why not? You don't have anything to lose unless you try.

Final opinion

The Buffalo Bounty Slots is a wonderful video slot to play if you're looking to win big whilst having the time of a lifetime. Be sure to give it a go today and see what you can accomplish from it.